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Animal Control

Animal Control Officer: Contracted through Penobscot County

Please contact the Town Office at (207) 827-7725 during normal business hours or the Penobscot Sheriff’s Department at (207) 947-4585 during other hours to report a domestic animal control issue.

For non-domestic animals please call the Maine Wardens Service at (207) 941-4470.

Dog Ordinance

Register Dog Online

Animal Welfare Program: Help Fix Me!

Per State of Maine Statute Title 7 Section 3921, dogs must be registered before December 31st of each year.

Effective February 1st of each year, there is a late fee of $25.00 assessed to each dog (State of Maine Statute Title 7 Section 3923).

All owners of unregistered dogs will be subject to a summons from the Animal Control Officer with fines up to $100 per dog, plus applicable registration and late fees.

Dog owners must provide a current Maine State rabies certificate along with proof of neutering or spaying.

A new dog needs to be licensed at 6 months of age or within 10 days of the dog having moved to Bradley.


Male/Female $11.00

Neutered/Spayed $6.00

Late Fee after February 1 $25.00