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RSU 34/Viola Rand Elementary

Viola Rand School

55 Highland Ave
Bradley ME  04411
Principal:  Maggie Mitchell

(207) 827-2508

Regional School Unit #34

156 Oak Street
Old Town ME  04468
Superintendent: Matthew D. Cyr

(207) 827-7171

The Town of Bradley is very proud of the Viola Rand Elementary which is proven by a very active parent and teacher group, P.R.I.D.E.  The motto for the school is “Small School-Big Foot Prints”.

The Town of Bradley is a division of Regional School Unit #34.   Bradley children grades K-4 attend the Viola Rand School.  Also offered is a program for Prekindergarten which includes children ages 4-5.

Bradley does have “school choice” for children in  grades 6-12.   If a student in this grade level wishes to attend a school outside of Regional School Unit #34,  transportation is the parent/guardian’s responsibility.

For more information please visit the Regional School Unit #34 Website.