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PO Box 517 165B Main Street

Bradley Me  04411

Office- 207-827-7725   Fax- 207-827-7072

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7:30 AM to 5:30 PM



We do accept credit and debit cards over the phone, mail or in person for any type of transaction.

The vendor charges a 2 1/2% service charge that will be  applied to your total transaction.

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Beginning July 1, 2019, Bradley's solid waste will be delivered to Fiberight in Hampden.  At that point, there will no longer be curbside recycling in the town.  Residents will no longer need to separate their recyclable items from their trash.  Simply bag all of your household waste together for pick up.  

The Fiberight model for disposing of waste includes dividing trash into reusable and non-reusable materials.  The organic waste is then used to make biofuel, which is similar to natural gas, while glass, metals, plastics and paper are sold on the commodities market.  Leftover fibrous material can be turned into fuel pellets for heating.  What this means to residents is that recyclables that are in the solid waste stream will be sorted out, so there is no need to separate it at the town level, therefore no need to separate it at the household level.


Acceptable waste includes all ordinary household, municipal, institutional, commercial and industrial wastes, refuse, and discarded materials.


Unacceptable waste includes demolition or construction debris, liquid wastes or sludge, abandoned or junk vehicles and car parts, hazardous waste and flammable waste, dead animals or other infectious or biological wastes, tree stumps, waste oil, lubricants or fuels, including gasoline and propane.  Unacceptable waste also includes discarded "white goods" such as household appliances, as well as bulky items including furniture, mattresses and carpets.

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