Town of Bradley

Bradley Cemeteries

Cemetery Superintendent: Charles Wilcox, 46 Boynton Street, Bradley

Please contact the Municipal Building for information on purchasing cemetery plots

Each plot is 4x12 which is available for 1 adult full burial or 2 children full burial or 6 cremations

Cost is $250.00 per plot for Bradley residents, $450.00 per plot for non residents

We are in the process of updating our cemetery maps and database. The database will coordinate with the name on the stone and the plot number we have on a list as well as our cards. It is our desire to make research easier. Below we have updated our cards that tell us who is in what plot. If you think there is an error, please bring a receipt or any information that you received from the Town so we can make any corrections or updates.

We have made the corrections and are still looking through them to make sure there weren't any typos. Please notify us if something doesn't look right and we will update these on our end.


Knapp/Carter Cemetery- Main St